Colposcope ColpoStar

Wallach’s innovative Trulight™ lighting system incorporates five high-intensity, long-life light emitting diodes (LEDs) positioned around the objective lens for optimal colposcopic examinations. Precisely angled, the solid-state LED lights converge onto the target offering a brighter, whiter light for true tissue color. The center light is green and can be turned on at the touch of a switch for vascular pattern delineation.

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You Have More Choices with Wallach Colposcopes…

Choose between Zoom series or Tri series colposcopes. Zoom series colposcopes provide a continuous, uninterrupted zoomed view from 4x to 20x magnification using high-quality Nikon optics. Tri series colposcopes step through three fixed magnifications of 8x, 13x, and 21x and features a built-in dual optical beamsplitter, which permits attachment of a digital camera and/or a co-observation teaching tube.

What kind of space or budgetary requirements do you have? Choose between an overhead articulating suspension arm with three or four legs or a traditional center post/five point base. The overhead articulating arm is especially useful for freeing up hands and arms during colposcopic procedures. Either way, Wallach colposcope stands are easy to maneuver yet sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Need to document or otherwise save images? Choose either photo or non-photo colposcopy. You can opt to have Zoom series colposcopes custom-fitted with built-in USB cameras. Tri series colposcopes can be fitted with optional external USB cameras or, if you prefer, a Canon 18MP dSLR camera for the ultimate in high resolution images. Both systems will capture high-quality digital colposcopic images.

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