New & Refurbished Ultrasound – Refurbished GE Vivid I Ultrasound Machine

Introducing the new Vivid i, an innovative cardiovascular ultrasound systemfromGE Healthcare that could defy everything you ever thought about mobile ultrasound systems. The incredible Vivid i systemestablishes a completely new level of cardiovascular performance that gives clinicians the freedom to get diagnostic results outside of the echo lab. Robust diagnostic exams can now be performed at the patient’s bedside, satellite clinics or mobile imaging sites, and the OR – wherever they are needed to give clinicians access to complete real-time diagnostic information.

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New & Refurbished Ultrasound – Refurbished GE Vivid I Ultrasound Machine

Small system, big performance.

The Vivid i delivers the superb raw data image quality you require for cardiac and vascular scanning, allowing you to see the diagnostic information you need to effectively assess LV function and cardiac performance.

• Phased-array transducer technology for 2D, color and Doppler imaging.
• Multiple focal zones help optimize image quality.
• Extremely high frame rates, enhanced color flow and color angio assist in acquiring extremely lowvelocity flows.
• 5 levels of Coded Octave Harmonics help you obtain quality images fromdifficult-to-image patients.
• LVO contrast option, based on 2D Harmonic imaging with Coded Phase Inversion, aids in scanning your most challenging patients.
• Triplex and duplex display capabilities to simplify Doppler acquisitions.
• Automatic Tissue Optimization (ATO) option helps you obtain quality images faster by automatically adjusting the image settings to optimize images.

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