LIFEDOP 250 ABI – Vascular Doppler

New Doppler Machine – New LifeDop 250 Doppler Machine

The LifeDop® 250 is a cost-effective handheld Doppler that easily locates vessels and detects blood flow.  LifeDop Dopplers are designed to be extremely durable, ensuring long-lasting operation.

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New Doppler Machine – New LifeDop 250 Doppler Machine

System features:

  • Large heart rate display
  • Sensitive 8 MHz bi-directional probe
  • Two or four cuffs with aneroid
  • Simple ABI reference documents and video

The LifeDop® 250 Dopplers measure systolic pressures that allow you to calculate ABI and diagnose P.A.D.   The LifeDop®250 with four cuffs and aneroid also captures waveforms for reimbursement*.

* Exam may meet CPT requirements as defined in the AMA CPT manual.

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