Refurbished C-Arm Equipment – Refurbished OEC9900 C-Arm

For over three decades, GE OEC has been a market leader in mobile C-arm surgical imaging. Now, the OEC 9900 Elite raises the mobile C-arm standard with Precision Imaging Technology using DRM –Dynamic Range Management.

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Refurbished C-Arm Equipment – Refurbished OEC9900 C-Arm

Superb image quality and a wide range of clinical, surgical and vascular applications, the OEC 9900 Elite is an ideal system for the ER, OR, ICU or surgical imaging or interventional setting. GE’s latest digital mobile C-arm technology uses the patented “no-mask” or Motion Tolerant Subtraction technique that allows the user to perform DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) imaging while moving the C-arm or patient. This advancement in imaging coupled with our unique Precision Imaging Technology takes mobile imaging to new heights with improved productivity. Achieve the same benefits of subtraction without all the fuss.

GE’s advanced image processing performs faster than alternative technologies and applies specific processing algorithms or different “bandwidths.” It accentuates what you want to see and attenuates what you don’t. This patented DRM technology processes each imaging profile uniquely to highlight the anatomy of interest. Bone and vasculature are processed separately to produce optimum definition according to the desired profile. You can optimize image quality and reduce procedure time by simply selecting the preset imaging profile for a specific application. Simple. Certain. Precise.

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