New & Refurbished Ultrasound – Philips CX30 Ultrasound Machine

Philips CX30 CompactXtreme ultrasound system goes wherever you need it, bringing ultrasound excellence to the bedside and beyond. A fully-featured system in a compact package, it combines portability with utility to fit in almost any clinical situation.

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New & Refurbished Ultrasound – Philips CX30 Ultrasound Machine

Digital broadband beamforming on a compact ultrasound system

The CX30 combines the advanced capabilities of a digital beamformer with the broadband signals produced by Philips high performance transducers. Digital beamforming uses the full range of ultrasound frequencies to produce broad bandwidth of ultrasound signals, and then applies advanced processing techniques to further refine and process the signal. The result is images with enhanced resolution and tissue uniformity, and superb definition of tissue texture, interfaces and structure.

SonoCT and XRES technologies bring a new level of clarity to compact ultrasound

Philips SonoCT is a clinically-proven premium technology that acquires up to nine lines of sight and combines the individual images into one clear, well-defined image in real time. SonoCT displays striking levels of tissue differentiation that are virtually free of artifact. Advanced XRES adaptive image processing reduces speckle, haze, and clutter, resulting in images virtually free from noise with extraordinary clarity and edge definition. When SonoCT and XRES work in tandem, even the subtlest of diagnostic features are enhanced.

Enhanced needle visualization

Enhanced needle visualization capabilities on the L12-4 transducer increase confidence in visualization during biopsies, drainages, and delivery of regional anesthesia.

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