VISTA AVS – Vascular ABI

New ABI Machine – New Vista AVS Vascular ABI Machine

The Vista AVS® is a robust, highly versatile system ideal for conducting, interpreting and documenting ABI, TBI and segmental studies with three modalities. An 8 MHz bi-directional Doppler probe can be used to obtain systolic pressure and ankle waveforms required for reimbursement*. Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) quickly capture ankle waveforms. A third modality, photoplethysmography (PPG) probe measure pressures for Toe Brachial Index (TBI) and segmental exams.

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New ABI Machine – New Vista AVS Vascular ABI Machine

The Vista AVS® vascular system features:

  • Segmental studies to help locate blockage or narrowing following single-level ABI exam
  • Bi-directional Doppler, PVR and PPG modalities
  • Automatic ABI, TBI and segmental calculation
  • Performs seated ABI exams for mobility impaired patients**
  • Obtains dual-ankle pressures, Posterior Tibial (PT) and Dorsalis Pedis (DP) arteries
  • Software for reporting, annotating, storage, printing and interfacing with EMR
  • Nine cuffs with automatic inflation/deflation to speed up and customize segmental studies
  • Optional 5 MHz bi-directional probe provides deeper penetration on larger patients

The Vista AVS® accommodates both standard and custom protocols.  Easy-to-follow test sequences and handheld controller make navigating this system quick and simple.

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